PressureTech PT8 Radon Mitigation Fan | High Suction


The PressureTech Pt8 radon fan is a revolutionary fan for those problem houses that need that little extra suction. With the unmatched DC motor this radon fan is a low voltage fan with unmatched performance in its class.

“That fan is a revolutionary advancement in the radon mitigation field.” – Dan West

“The fan that was demonstrated to me has a great deal of suction; far more than most radon fans.” – Bill Angell


With PressureTech’s introduction of the PT8 Radon Fan, the radon industry has finally turned the corner into modern-day technology! The PT8 was designed with two things in mind: unmatched performance and unmatched energy efficiency. Thanks to recent developments in DC motor technology, PressureTech has been able to create an in-line fan that is capable of achieving OVER 8 INCHES OF SUCTION while using only 60 watts of power! The motor is also low voltage, so wiring the fan doesn’t require a licensed electrician or permit in most jurisdictions. The PT8 is ultra-quiet, efficient, and extremely effective at more than doubling the pressure field extension (PFE) you achieve below the slab, compared to the other “high suction” radon fans that are on the market.

Fan Model Volts Watts Maximum Pressure Maximum Airflow Single Price
PressureTech PT8 24V (includes 110V converter) 58-80 8.6″ WC 500 CFM $475
PressureTech PT16 36V (includes 110V converter) 110-170 17.4″ WC 670 CFM $715
PressureTech PT25 48V (includes 110V converter) 255-298 25.2″ WC 820 CFM $955

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 16 in


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