HERO 120H Fresh Air Appliance



Most new homes do not provide sufficient fresh air make up.  You’re generally breathing the same recycled air repeatedly. HERO 120H works continuously to supply fresh air into the building while removing the equal amount of moist, stale air.

The future is heat recovery ventilation with fresh air appliances.  The HERO series HRV provides fresh indoor air and is thermally treated to save on energy costs.

The HERO 120H is ideal for high-rise apartment applications, condominiums, single and multi family homes. With a completely new design, the HERO 120H features a Counterflow core, round metal collars and a high efficiency rating!

The HERO line of HRVs connect to your existing HVAC system to thermally treat incoming air before it hits your furnace. Only thermal energy is transferred, nothing else.

Included with the system, an MERV8 filter can catch up to 85%  of allergens, mold, pet dander, dust, and more! The product also includes a wall mount, external electrical box with easy connect ports, in-door manometer ports and duct ports with plastic collar shrouds for simple installation.

HERO 120H fresh air appliance provides a controlled and efficient way of ventilating a home.


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