PressureTech PT10 Radon Fan


  • Over 10″ of suction!
  • Speed Controllable!
  • Low Voltage!
  • Fully Plug and Play! (No Wiring Required)
  • 24V VDC
  • 98 Watts
  • 10.5″ WC Maximum Pressure

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The all new PT10 radon fan is one of the most versatile radon fans ever developed. With suction capabilities over 10″, this fan can be used for the most difficult of soil conditions. The low voltage power supply is speed controllable which gives you full system tuning capabilities to achieve optimal negative pressure below the slab. The fully “plug-and-play” configuration comes pre-wired to an outdoor-rated electrical box. The electrical box has a disconnect switch and conduit to comply with AARST Radon Mitigation Standards.

The PT10 radon fan was designed with two things in mind: unmatched performance and unmatched energy efficiency. Thanks to recent developments in DC motor technology, PressureTech has been able to create an in-line fan that is capable of achieving OVER 10 INCHES OF SUCTION while using under 100 watts of power! The motor is low voltage and all connections are “plug-and-play”, so an electrical license or permit is not required in most municipalities. The PT10 is ultra-quiet, efficient, and extremely effective in most challenging soil conditions.

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Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 16 in


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